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LED lighting industry in China is big but not strong

In recent years, as the government of the LED project promotion, and "Ten City, ten thousand " , " thousand million" green lighting demonstration and demonstration projects such as the construction of cities , more and more LED lights shining streets , is developing rapidly . It also makes a lot of institutional investors and outside the industry who rushed into the LED lighting field , competition for the market share.

However, with the frequent exposure LED lights quality problems , some local government areas in LED lights more cautious and rational, and some original rush enterprises have launched LED lights died down , the Nuggets began to indoor lighting, LED lights only a few companies are still in road lighting market alone. And these corporate performance more rational , in addition to the pursuit of road lighting color , light effects , work in comfort and safety and more persistent.

Type of road lighting and contrast

PK LED tunnel lights, LED lights weak purchasing power

LED street lighting LED lights and can be divided into LED tunnel light , however, on the market, the performance of different tunnel lights and street lights , in the end is what causes it ?

Guangdong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Bin Dragon traffic that from the practical point of view , tunnel lights are mostly new projects , strong purchasing power . While more than 85% of the street as the reconstruction project, weak purchasing power . From a technical standpoint applicability , tunnel lights are semi- directional lighting , used in a confined space , mostly high color white , and enterprises to enter earlier . The non- directional lighting lamps , cloth lamp spacing, lighting range , higher power requirements for a single lamp , and used in road lighting should also consider certain cultural carrier and landscape features . Therefore, LED tunnel lights used lights than the technical requirements are higher .

From an economic point of view the applicability , basic lighting, tunnel lights mainly uses 50W, nearly linear relationship between power and price , the basic lighting costs have been lower than sodium lamps, tunnel lights and working time is 24 hours , the energy saving effect is more obvious. The main road of the street multi-use 250 ~ 400W of power, the price is very close to different power , much higher than the cost of a single lamp sodium lamps, relative to the tunnel lights, street lights 12 hours of working time , energy efficiency is low.

Satisfaction from the perspective of the owners , LED tunnel lights lights more than please the user's satisfaction . Although it is not as good as the market performance of the project street tunnel lights, but huge street market prospects for the industry , we need to be patient , because the technology development needs time to digest , street markets made ​​significant progress still needs to be developed in line at the light source characteristics lighting aspects harder.

Road lighting market capacity

Chinese mainland road lighting market hit 56 million units

According to incomplete statistics , China mainland road lighting market total size of 56 million units , of which 6,000,000 units tunnel lights , street lights 50 million sets. Road lighting is to use the longest and largest power lights , street lights with LED lights will greatly reduce the city's electric power shortage , the national energy savings . Currently, the industry 's concern for LED road lighting toward deeper and more humane to meet safety and comfort direction.

LED share of the fast-growing , traditional street market growth rate decreased significantly . Statistics, in 2012 the LED market is expected to grow 50% , traditional street with 2011 flat. Since 2008 , LED road lighting market showed a growth trend , as of September 2011 , the installed LED Tunnel Light 450,000 units, 600,000 sets of lights .

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